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ZOUCHcork Spacer pads

19 April 2010

The reliable protection for the storage and transportation of flat glass, sealed units and window frames.

ZOUCHcork spacer pads are made from natural moulded cork, grinded and bonded with adhesive, covered with a self adherent foam laminate. These can be supplied individually punched and doubled in bulk, or automatically aligned on a roll (kiss-cut) with either a protective paper covering or a protective film covering.

The self adherent foam is unique and provides a favourable solution for surfaces requiring protection while manufacturing, storing and transporting products made of glass, metal and plastic materials.

ZOUCHcork spacer pads serve as anti-skid and anti-scratch spacing devices and simultaneously, as shock absorbers. Therefore, they essentially contribute to the reduction of costs as well as to the minimization of transport damage.

The cork/foam combination is particularly suitable for the flexible and accurate cushioning between glass sheets with high pressure loadability.

• Low cost and offers an immediate solution to problems connected with
surfaces requiring protection
• Adherent without glue and clings to the glass by suction
• Removable without residue
• Continuation of uniform distance
• Medium shock absorption
• Range of types and formats available from stock to meet different
conditions and demands.

• Distance holder for the production, storage and transportation of glass
• Used as an alternative to PVC foam pads for protection of glass and other
fragile materials
• Protective barrier on metal and plastic surfaces
• Door & window frames

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