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Zouch launch new PRS 10 approved premium Gas Closure Plate Tape

23 April 2010

PRS 10 PRO tape from Zouch is approved to meet the performance standards of British Gas Specification PRS 10 – Issue 2

• The easy to use option with good tear, unwind and strength
• Specially designed adhesive cross links at high temperatures
to retain an excellent bond
• Strong yet conformable to use on uneven surfaces
• Bonds well to many surfaces, including brick, plaster and concrete

Everybody knows if gas fires are fitted or serviced incorrectly they have the potential to be extremely dangerous.

Carbon monoxide can be a silent killer with escaping fumes undetectable by sight, taste or smell.

That’s why it is essential to use a product specifically designed to seal gas closure plates – rather than take a chance on other products that are not able to meet the demanding criteria of this critical application.

After all – this choice can make the difference between life and death.

PRS 10 PRO tape from Zouch is the NEW approved product available NOW.

• Premium waterproof polycloth high performing tape
with specially designed adhesive
• Available in 50mm x 2.8m,10m and 25m lengths
• Fully marked with PRS 10 approval for easy identification
• Quality gloss surface with writable surface
• Good abrasion resistance
• Can be torn by hand and unwound without difficulty for
ease of use
• Sticks well to a variety of different surfaces
• Strong yet durable
• Excellent adhesive designed for critical application
• Also can be used for other general purpose plumbing
and gas related applications requiring strength, high
adhesion and high performance
Available from stock on short lead times

For more information on this new product and to request your free sample visit our website.

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