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Falls from Height

07 October 2020

Minimising Falls from Height

Minimising Falls from Height - Three vital steps Step Two: The majority of deaths during work at height involve falls from ladders, scaffolds, working platforms, roof edges and through fragile roofs. Regardless of whether you are a construction product specifier or a health and safety manager, protecting workers on site-including minimising falls - is a shared responsibility.

Work equipment to prevent falls is required when construction workers are working at any height. Equipment can include mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPS) such a scissor lifts, tower scaffolds, birdcage scaffolding, guardrail systems or air-filled fall arrest bags, that are designed to provide a safe cushioned landing, absorbing the weight of a fall without causing major injury or fatality.

When selecting work equipment for use in work at height, the Work at Height Regulations stipulate that it should give collective protection measures and take account over personal protection measures and take account of the working conditions and the risks to the safety of persons at the place where the work equipment is to be used.:the distance to be negotiated, the distanceand the consequences of a potential fall: the duration and frequency of use, the nedd for easy and timley evacuation and rescue in an emegency, and any additional risk posed by te use, installation or removal of that work equipment or by evacuation and rescue from it.

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