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Solartron Metrology investing in Our Planet

27 April 2023

Earth Day, one of the first global initiatives to protect and conserve the earth, has become an annual event that strives for positive change on a global scale.

The business world is among the most significant emitters of greenhouse gasses and other pollutants. When businesses Invest in Our Planet, they are aligning themselves with the modern economy, invariably leading to a more cost efficient, respected, and profitable enterprise. Companies that invest early and often, are already seeing gains and are on track for prosperity in the 21st century.

As part of the green initiative, many manufacturing companies are shifting towards a zero-carbon emission production style. This not only allows for reduction in their environmental impact, but also allows for an increased profit margin, as the pursuit for environmentally friendly solutions leads to reduced waste by streamlining processes and increasing efficiency.

At Solartron Metrology, we always aim to sustainably manufacture our products.

Some of the ways Solartron Metrology are undertaking this challenge for Our Planet

Reducing carbon footprint
One of the many ways any manufacturing company can reduce their emissions and reduce waste of resources is by digitising all their collaterals. The average carbon footprint of an A4 sheet of office paper in conjunction with dispatching a letter totals to approximately 34.29gCO2eq. This number continues to climb depending on the delivery destination, and when printing multi-page manuals and catalogues instead of single page papers.

However, sending an email and a single website page view costs as little as 2.06gCO2eq.

As a result of these calculations, Solartron Metrology is steadily shifting our weight towards going paperless. This means all manuals that tend to arrive with our products are instead uploaded online, including catalogues, all within our website.

Solartron Metrology following the green initiative
Across the years, Solartron has continuously invested in new energy efficient, high-quality machinery. This decreases our carbon footprint as we reduce scrap material with better, more effective machinery. For example, we invested in advanced Humidity Controllers, and Air Compressors to follow the green initiative.

By improving the quality of our manufacturing processes, we increase operational efficiency by reducing waste and costs, thereby paving the way for long-term success and business viability.

Aids the EV sector
As Solartron pursues the use of renewable energy, our employees are also encouraged to take part in the green initiative. Solartron parking spaces have Electric Vehicle charging stations, encouraging the use of EVs as an alternative to fuel powered cars.

Decreasing our carbon footprint is an important goal externally as well as internally. We aim to work with more environmentally friendly manufacturers, providing metrology solutions for a multitude of sectors.

Solartron continuously aids the Electric Vehicle sector. Our engineers continue to improve product designs to align with unique EV manufacturer needs, customising their abilities in order to help gauging and production of high-quality electric cars.

Solartron Metrology gets public attention to the importance of climate action. Join us in sharing your vision and inspire the public to make a difference!

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