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Solartron sensors to monitor structures

16 June 2023

Gauging Probes to Monitor Cracks

One of the many civil engineering applications that require measurement sensors is the monitoring of cracks in structures such as bridges, dams, and more. Monitoring the material and its damages over long periods of time is a critical part to ensuring that the structure remains sound for years to come, and aids in preventative maintenance. For many civil engineering firms, the solution requires dozens, if not hundreds, of sensors that are resistant to harsh environments, are rugged, and are cost effective.

Solartron Metrology offers a range of Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) that check off the list of structure monitoring requirements.

Better than Standard
Solartron’s LVDTs offer a variety of benefits compared to conventional 3rd party LVDTs. Some of these benefits include a high resolution of up to 0.01 µm, showing the slightest change in measurement for precise gauging. Additionally, Solartron LVDTs provide a class leading repeatability better than 0.05 µm, ensuring immense accuracy.

Resistance to Harsh Environments
For applications outside, a harsh environment resistant probe is required. Solartron provides a standard IP65 rating set of sensors, as well as an optional IP68 sealing version. All Solartron pencil probes also go through harsh, rigorous testing to millions of cycles, ensuring they can withstand years of abuse, which includes heat and vibration.

Mechanically, Solartron sensors can be customised to fit the application that a civil engineer might require. Tip materials such as nylon, silicon nitride, ruby, and tungsten carbide, can be interchanged for a customised solution. Gaiter material, and cable length can also be customised to fit requirements.

Multiple Options
Solartron also offers various Output options, such as DC, 4-20mA, TTL, and more. Optional Digital versions are also available, which use the Solartron Orbit® Digital Measurement Network, offering calibrated, digital units, enabling multiple synchronised readings into a PC or PLC. Via the Orbit® Network, it is possible to easily collect, log, and analyse data, making preventative maintenance easy.

Solartron also offers a simple, single channel option. The G-Type probe with DC and 4-20mA outputs has fully sealed signal conditioning mounted on the body. All models incorporate an LVDT as the measuring element, together with high performance conditioning electronics for low noise and superior linearity while being able to cope with a wide input supply range with no change in output.

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