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Reliability & Long Life

02 June 2023

Consistent reliability and long life

Solartron Metrology sensors provide consistent reliability and long life of all our manufactured products, their quality an intrinsic part of our high quality standard promise.

Quality is a key
We maintain complete control over all aspects of design and the manufacturing process by never contracting sensor builds to third parties.

Our sensors are crafted in a UK factory, with over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience. Only the best materials, machining equipment, and Swiss bearings are used.

Solartron’s Swiss bearings are built with carbon/chrome balls, providing good repeatability with long life. The titanium core carrier within a sensor is inert, and able to withstand continuous lateral shock, and the case is manufactured using hardened stainless steel, leading to immensely durable results.

Additionally, Solartron sensors are calibrated in-house to tight tolerance with traceable certification, leading to highly accurate, reliable products that last.

We also pursue continual investments in new machines and manufacturing facilities such as automatic bowl feeds for grinding, and vacuum furnaces, ensuring high performance and long life of all products manufactured.

Testing is essential
To ensure long and productive life, Solartron products have undergone rigorous endurance testing. Our sensors are put through harsh conditions exceeding 13 million cycles, and in the field, data indicates real life usage of better than 100 million cycles.

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