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Solartron Metrology Solutions for Glass

05 May 2023

Many industries, such as the Electric Vehicle, Automotive and Electronics sectors, include glass in their products, making it a material in high demand. Despite its delicate nature, glass is often used in thin sheets, making high-quality and precise measurements critical to the gauging process.

Low Tip Force Range
Taking measurements of glass for automotive and industrial applications needs to be precise and delicate. Too much tip force on a contact probe can move the part resulting in incorrect measurements.

Solartron Low Tip Force Probes  address this and combined with the Orbit Digital Measurement Network  provide reliable data acquisition.

The Ultra Feather Touch probe carries a low 0.03 N tip force, and can be used on delicate materials, or surfaces that cannot be marred or scratched. The probe carries an accuracy of 6 microns, with outstanding repeatability. Like other Solartron Digital probes, it comes pre-calibrated, and is a viable alternative to non-contact solutions. This is all coupled with a high resolution and repeatability, making our Low Tip force range an ideal solution for glass gauging.

Our durable probes are tested to millions of cycles under harsh tests to ensure high quality performance for years, if cared for properly. As a result, the potential for downtime is reduced, allowing for long term cost savings for the future.

For a streamlined gauging experience, the Orbit Digital Measuring Network allows for 250 sensors to connect at once. This robust network connects Solartron contact and non-contact sensors, as well as 3rd party devices for easy integration. The Orbit Gauge Software 4.0 (OGS4) also outputs data in several formats, providing a range of options for data exportation and analysis, making glass gauging at multiple points a speedy, and streamlined process.


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