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The Three Best Summer Attachments

07 June 2023

The days are longer, the sun is finally shining, and the BBQ is out… summer is on its way! And we know that this new season brings a slight change in how – and where - you work, with more time able to be spent outdoors in the yard or at building sites.

To support you, our team has shared their top three attachments to assist you this summer.

1.    Tipping Skips
One of our most popular attachments, our tipping skips are an ideal accompaniment to collect debris at the building site or from around the workplace. We have an extensive range available, meaning we have something to suit regardless of your needs – whether you require a forklift bin with a lid, raised mesh sides, or even fully automatic tipping.

And, all our tipping skips come CE marked, are fully tested, and come supplied with all relevant health and safety documentation.

2.    Push Broom Sweepers
Looking for a quick, simple, yet effective solution to keeping your premises clean? Then look no further… Our Push Broom Sweepers help to keep your site and yard clean, tidy, and safe, and in turn can help increase productivity while also reducing cleaning costs.

We have three types available:
  • Light Economy | ideal for cleaning large areas that have light rubbish, e.g., warehouse floor
  • Medium-Duty | designed for outdoor use
  • Heavy-Duty | intended to get rid of the most stubborn materials on scrap yards and building sites
All sweepers are tested and certified with the latest Health & Safety regulations.

3.    Four Fork Attachments
And last, but certainly not least, is the Four Fork Attachment. Designed to easily handle extra wide pallets or long products, such as steel pipes or timber, they offer extra stability and support. They’re also ideal for moving goods around site, or for helping to load and unload large freight.

All four fork attachments are supplied with a 3-year warranty, fully tested and certified. And, our wide-load four fork stabiliser attachment is manufactured to order to suit your specific application.

Forklift attachments are brilliant tools, and are often an integral addition to any business, helping to enhance safety standards, reduce costs of permanent equipment, and improve overall productivity. These three products are just some of our most popular attachments as we head into the summer season, but we have an extensive range available to suit an array of needs, and to cater for even the most niche of tasks. Do check out our full range on the website, and if you’d like any support, information or guidance from our team of experts, please do get in touch via our live chat.

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