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Maximise Your Waste Handling Operations

21 September 2023

Thanks to their lightweight and mobile design, wheelie bins can be neatly stored and easily moved short distances making them the most popular choice for waste management in both commercial and domestic settings.

However, emptying the contents (either weekly, monthly, or on-demand) can often prove problematic due to it being a time-consuming task, which can hinder workplace productivity and also pose potential safety risks. And so, in order to support businesses in achieving overall success, we’re proud to offer the solution: Wheelie Bin Handlers.

Here, our team share the brilliant and bespoke features that Wheelie Bin Handlers boast, and explain why investing in this piece of equipment can save time, money and reduce labour-intensive work:

Utilising Business Resources
Understanding that times are tough at the moment, we appreciate that it’s not viable to regularly invest in an array of brand-new products to enhance business. Instead, being able to utilise existing equipment is key – and those purchases that you do make must offer the very best value.

Thanks to their sophisticated design, Wheelie Bin Handlers can seamlessly and simply slot onto forklift truck forks, making them a purchase that can (and will) absolutely maximise your waste management operations, using equipment you already possess. And, this option ensures you don’t have to invest in additional big and bulky equipment, which would then require adequate storage.

Our Wheelie Bin Handlers can quickly and easily lift a wheelie bin using the handle, making it a safe and controlled process, and reducing the manual labour involved thus also minimising potential health and safety risks for your team. For added convenience, a locating stand is supplied as standard, meaning that a quick and easy fitting to your existing forklift can be achieved.

A carefully crafted mechanism has been developed and manufactured with productivity in mind – which not only allows the bin to easily pivot and work in collaboration with the individual(s) in charge of the forklift, but also ensures minimal downtime is required.

The streamlined and simple procedure will speed up operations, save valuable time, and reduce associated labour costs – meaning that your team can spend more time on other projects.

Offering an extensive range of Wheelie Bin Handlers – suitable for use with 90 to 240-litre capacity wheelie bins – means that we have a product compatible for all business needs.

When slotted onto the forks, a large ‘T’ screw is added to ensure that the handler is securely and safely fastened to the forklift – providing a fail-safe method to avoid any risk of potential injury. And, with the additional aid of the manual winch mechanism, the wheelie bin can be lifted and emptied without the need for manual handling, which further reduces the risk of injury and increases the overall health and safety compliance on-site.

We’re also proud to supply all Wheelie Bin Handlers with a three-year warranty (as well as being fully tested, compliant to all latest legislation, and certificated), gifting you peace of mind that you’re introducing a quality and robust addition to your workforce.  

Finally, all Wheelie Bin Handlers are painted in a high-gloss yellow finish to maximise visibility and add yet another safety aspect to further reduce the potential for injury in and around the workplace.

For more information, or to discover which Wheelie Bin Handler would be best for your workforce, check out our full range on the website.


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