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Testos' new low cost Digital Manifold for tough applications

03 March 2010

The new Testo 550 digital manifold provides high performance at an affordable price and saves time servicing, maintaining and commissioning systems including refrigeration systems and heat pumps.

The instruments intuitive operation allows measurement of high and low pressure quickly and precisely and with the two temperature inputs, simultaneous calculation of superheating and subcooling values. The brightly illuminated display allows fast and easy readout of all measurement values and there are 31 refrigerants stored in the instrument, which can be selected via a direct button.

The evacuation of the system is confirmed for you as the instrument displays vacuum values. In addition to this, a temperature-compensated tightness test of the system can be carried out. By measuring the system pressure and the ambient temperature over a defined period, the users can make a statement on the tightness of a system – allowing commissioning to be carried out reliably.

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