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Purchase invoice scanning making an impact

19 May 2010

How scanning purchase invoices to electronic format makes an impact on office efficiency!

Many offices around the UK will have invoices stored and filed away with the majority of these still in hard copy format in the office.

Here we take a look at the great impact that purchase invoice scanning and electronic archiving has had on offices that now have access to all purchase invoices at their desktops.

Example 1: An accountancy firm in London recently took the decision to scan all of their client’s invoices, small receipts and other financial documents using Pearl Scan Solutions.

Now they are able to outsource these for calculating therefore saving them time and costs of ordering these files and extracting the information from each form repeatedly. They can also give the documents back to their customer on disk in electronic format which also streamlines their process as they can now locate any invoice using a text search for the invoice number!

Example 2: A pensions company also recently came to Pearl Scan to have their entire client invoices scanned in.

They had boxes full of invoices and required more streamline document management in the office ‘All of our invoices were in boxes previously and finding one wasn’t easy, now we just type an invoice number into our file searcher and that invoice pops up on screen straight away!’.

This in turn collectively saves thousands of pounds per year on filing, searching, printing, copying, printer costs, staff time and more.

Example 3: A parts manufacturer had around 40 boxes of invoice that they used to search through often to refer back to past transactions.

Once they decided to have all of these purchase invoices digitised and scanned they never looked back and as a result of the quick retrieval time and office efficiency they have decided to digitise their sales documents in the same manner.

So it seems there is glaring evidence that more and more companies are taking the digital approach to invoice retrieval. With the government clamping down on emissions and office efficiency it seems this area is still growing and will only become more of a requirement as time progresses.

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