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Addagrip Launch New Self-Smoothing Flooring

19 June 2008

The right flooring can save you time and money.

Getting the right flooring for you outfit can be crucial. Do you make your decision based on price, style, ease of cleaning, longevity or ease of fitting? The cheapest flooring you can find could very well look cheap, which is never a desired look but beautiful ceramic tiles instead, could cost you double the cost of the expensive tiles to begin with, simply in the length of time they take to be cleaned properly.

The next problem is how quickly the floor can be laid? If you are replacing a floor, you need to take into account the affect it will have on your business since everything will grind to a halt during fitting. If you’re flooring new premises you want to be ‘open for business’ as quickly as possible.

In response to this, companies have started to launch their own interpretation of the ‘perfect’ flooring. Addagrip a resin manufacturing and formulating company have recently launched their own interpretation of the perfect floor known as EP Addalevel SL2K. This self smoothing flooring is available in either ‘designer’ or hardwearing.’ The ‘designer’ style comes in a number of different colours with a very high sheen and the ‘hardwearing’ is designed for its sheer longevity. This type of extremely smooth, flat flooring is quickly becoming the best solution for many outfits; Easy to fit, as a two part product, easy to work with and easy to clean makes everyone’s life, well, a bit easier.

Richard Player, sales and marketing executive at Addegrips say of the product;

‘The self-smoothing flooring we have launched is designed for absolute ease of maintenance and installation. It is seamless, watertight, resistant to some acids and can be used on old and new concrete floors.’

If your floor is not smooth to begin with, you may need to invest in floor leveling before embarking on laying your self-smoothing flooring, in order to get optimum results. There are a number of companies offering their own products for floor leveling which you can buy yourself; retails various brands which can be purchased online. Alternatively, speak to your contractor who will be able to arrange for you.

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