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Evacusafe Celebrate Success of Online Training Courses

19 August 2013

Evacusafe have good reason to celebrate, not only are they the first Company in the World to offer Evacuation Chair and equipment training courses online, but the overall uptake of all their courses since their launch in May has been phenomenal, up 23% on the previous year.

Furthermore Evacusafe’s training courses have received the approval of The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), a world renowned and prestigious awarding body.

For a number of years e-learning has been used on a daily basis in Schools, Colleges and Universities.  It was only a matter of time before it made its way into the business sector, as the benefits of computer-based training for companies are huge.

Imagine the logistics required in order to provide onsite training courses to a large, global company. They could have hundreds of stores and offices spread across the UK / Worldwide and thousands of staff working a variety of shift patterns. 

To be able to provide training which can be taken online at any time of day or night is a quantum leap forward.  On top of that, when you take into consideration the financial savings that can be made, it has not taken organisations long to work out that the utilisation of e-learning makes complete sense.

Paul Mitchell, Director of Evacusafe said, "We feel it's absolutely vital that the training you receive has been audited and verified by a professional external third party, such as an awarding body.  In the case of Evacusafe’s training courses we have achieved a 100% pass mark by RoSPA for course delivery and course materials. 

That applies to our onsite training as well as the online courses. We’re delighted to be the only evacuation chair training course provider in the World to offer RoSPA approved training courses directly to our customers.

“Evacusafe believes the most ideal solution is to purchase your training courses direct from the manufacturer rather than a third party, as this will give you access to the best training and product knowledge in the market.  Ask your provider has their course been audited and certified by an external industry expert, or is it their own "accreditation.”

Although the vast majority of Evacusafe’s training courses are still carried out onsite, the recent increase in demand for their courses in general has resulted in the company investing in the further development of their online courses, with the launch of a new range in the near future.

Mr Mitchell added "I would like to personally say a huge thank you to all of our competitors for making the world aware of our online training courses, which has resulted in a huge uptake and further development of our range of courses. 

Who would have thought years ago that courses such as Manual Handling, DSE and Fire Safety would be taught this way and delivered via a computer? It’s obvious that our competitors will not want you to take the e-learning route.  With some of their courses costing nearly £1000.00 you can see why.”

For further information about evacuation equipment training courses please visit or contact the team on 01256 332723 or via

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