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Evacusafe Release Free White Paper

10 December 2013

Evacusafe Release Free White Paper Sound advice for planning your emergency evacuation from Evacusafe’s Marketing Manager, David Della-Savina, in the form of a white paper which you can download for FREE.

Have you ever considered what you would do if an emergency evacuation was required at your place of work?  Although most companies regularly carry out practise evacuations, do they actually consider what they would need to do in order to help evacuate any vulnerable people, such as those who are mobility impaired?  How would you ensure the safe evacuation of those people?  What does the law say you need to do?  What does the law state that you need to have in place?

Evacusafe’s Marketing Manager, David Della-Savina, has written a white paper titled ‘Guide to planning for the emergency evacuation of vulnerable people’.  The Company have made the document available as a free download via their website

The document it aimed at providing an understanding of the issues faced when the emergency evacuation of vulnerable people is required from a non-domestic building.  It explains the different types of mobility impairment, covers various aspects and gives advice in relation to plans that can be put into place. 

This will ensure you give the best possible assistance to mobility impaired individuals in the case of an emergency, such as a building fire.  The document also provides details of some useful statistics relating to fires in the UK, as well as giving details of the various evacuation tools that Evacusafe have available to buy or rent.

Mr Della-Savina says “It’s a fact that some companies out there are unaware of their legal responsibilities in relation to emergency evacuation provision and the tools that are available to them.  Evacusafe design and manufacture different types of specialist evacuation equipment, such as Evacuation Chairs and Evacuslider Rescue-sheets, that can be used with minimal effort to evacuate mobility impaired people from multi level buildings via the stairs.

It may be common knowledge that a lift is not to be used in an emergency situation, but not everybody is aware of the other options they have.  I put the document together and in the public domain so that people can see, plain and simple, potential issues they may face and how we can help them”.

As the document states “The key to any successful fire or evacuation plan is good communication and practice.  Provision of evacuation equipment must be supported by a team of operators who are
well trained and familiar with the equipment, and who ideally have an understanding of equality and disability awareness”.

If you wish to download the free white paper then please visit and sign up using the simple form.  The team at Evacusafe are always available to answer any questions you may have available in relation to evacuation planning, health & safety and the related training courses they provide.

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