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Evacusafe Secure Biggest Order to Date

11 August 2014

After their recent visit to Japan, the Directors of Evacusafe are celebrating securing their biggest single order since the Company was established.

Having recently returned from Japan, the Directors or Evacusafe are rejoicing in the success of their Asian expedition, after securing their biggest order in the history of the Company.  Directors of Evacusafe, Paul Mitchell and Tony Gill, visited Japan last month to attend the Office Disaster Prevention Expo in Tokyo, in order to assist their Japanese business partner Technogreen Ltd.  It was a trade show on a grand scale that was aimed at highlighting companies and professionals who specialise in the facilitation of crisis management and disaster contingency planning, two of the most prominent subjects for businesses in modern day Japan.  Taking place in Japan’s largest exhibition and conference center, The Tokyo Big Sight, over the course of three days, the show attracted an enormous amount of visitors.

Paul Mitchell said “We’ve secured a colossal order for our Excel Evacuation Chairs as a direct result of the efforts made by our business partner Technogreen.  The interest shown in all of our products at the show was overwhelming; thankfully both myself and Mr Gill were on-hand to assist with product demonstrations and enquiries.  It takes a great deal of effort to create a successful business in a new territory; such as marketing the products for the local audience in a way that translates, advertising and attending trade shows.  Technogreen have been doing just that and the results are absolutely incredible.”

The Company is  now increasing production more than ever, in order to keep up with the constantly increasing demand for their evacuation chairs and products, with their production team putting in extra hours to assure production deadlines are met.

As well as facilitating the sale and distribution of Evacusafe’s products throughout Japan, Technogreen also provides product-specific training, servicing and maintenance.

Mr Gill added “It’s becoming increasingly obvious that investing our time and efforts in supporting our overseas business partners pays off, which is why we endeavour to go the extra mile to offer our support to our teams across the globe and to meet new customers whenever we can”.

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