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28 May 2014

The design strengths and manufacturing skills of British laboratory autoclave producer Priorclave are revealed in a new Corporate Video.

The short video clip takes the viewer on a journey that every autoclave built takes at the company’s manufacturing centre in South East London, from the design studio, through component production to final assembly, test and make-ready for delivery.  The new Corporate Video also gives a brief look into the superb customer support programme from a dedicated service team that extends around the world.

Priorclave is one of the best and most successful technical innovators when it comes to producing robust, reliable and highly effective steam sterilisers and this skill has enabled the company to gain a strong global presence, with exports accounting for around 60% of output from the London manufacturing plant.

After viewing the video it is not difficult to understand why Priorclave enjoys international success, supplying around the world to organisations actively involved in research in food, dairy, microbiology and pharmaceutical manufacture, the health care sector as well as, universities and other institutes.  Its global presence stems from a commitment to produce autoclaves that meet the needs of the applications and suit the working environment.

The opening sequence of the new Priorclave Corporate autoclave video shows examples from a comprehensive range of standard laboratory steam sterilisers that include benchtop autoclaves, front loading autoclaves, the unique RSC front loading laboratory autoclaves, top loading models, doubled-ended autoclaves and power door sterilisers.  In addition to standard designs, Priorclave is also able to engineer laboratory autoclaves to accommodate unique requirements when required.

You can view Priorclave's corporate video by pasting the link below into your browser.

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