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HBM announce five Webinars, on five topics, in five days

08 February 2016

HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement, is pleased to announce the dates for its latest series of free measurement technology webinars, which take place on 22nd – 26th February 2016.

The five day seminars, designed to fit in with challenging time constraints which can often make attending relevant training courses difficult, provide advice and focus on a variety of topics, beginning with Torque Measurement Uncertainty, which provides methods to calculate the measurement uncertainty in a torque measuring chain. 

This is followed by ‘Advanced Aircraft Electric System Testing’ which takes place on the 23rd February and will explain HBM’s solution for advanced testing and measurements of components and the complete electrical grid of an aircraft.

On day three participants are invited to learn more about the influence of temperature on strain gauge measurements and how to avoid errors, with ‘Temperature Compensation of Strain Gauges’ .  The webinar also includes some useful tips for choosing the right strain gauge series and adhesive for extended temperature ranges.

Leading on from this, ‘Optical Measurement Solutions for the Aerospace Industry’ on day four will present HBM FiberSensing’s experience and solutions for the aerospace industry using Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology and will focus on: how the FBG technology multiplexing capacity can reduce cabling weight and length, how the RF and EM immunity can provide testing possibilities beyond those achieved with electric instrumentation and what the TRL status for the technology is, and how it is being modularly integrated as part of a larger aerospace sub system.

Finally, participants can find out ‘How Digital Weighing Technology Saves you Money’.  In this webinar, Thomas Langer, International Product Manager for Weighing Technology and OEM Sensors will reveal several application examples and will demonstrate how you can save valuable time and money with digital load cells due to new functionalities.  The webinar will also explain how users can potentially benefit from reduced costs in R&D, production and servicing of machines. 

Each webinar, which normally takes a maximum of one hour, can also be easily accessed at a later date or simply used as a refresher course.  As an added benefit, all registered attendees will receive a link to the webinar, via email, after the presentation.

All HBM webinars are free of charge and open to anyone.  Spaces are limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Please reserve your spot by booking at the link

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