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Rittals' EASY Subrack makes assembly quick and effortless

28 April 2009

Rittal have released a new easy to fit subrack - Ripac EASY, which has been designed to be installed quickly and effortlessly.

An established problem for subrack assemblers has always been the issue of holding the rail, the side panel, the flange, the screw and screwdriver all at the same time.  This problem has now been eliminated with Ripac EASY.  Simply hold the side plate and flange together while dropping the pre-assembled rail into position, then screw into place. The subrack is supplied as a kit with screws pre-inserted in the ends of the horizontal rails, which just drop into slots in the side panels and front flanges, thus simplifying assembly.

The screw slots are pre-defined in position on the side plates, which correspond with the standard 160, 220 and 280mm Euroboard depths.  Additionally the tapped strips, required for front panel fastening, are pre-inserted into the horizontal rails, thus avoiding the possibility of forgetting to insert them. Ripac EASY utilises internal components and accessories from the existing, extensive Ripac range of cardframes, including guide rails, front and rear panels, ESD clips and divider kits. The subrack is available in 3U and 6U heights and several depths to suit a wide variety of different applications.

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