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Rittal’s New Thermoelectric cooler with heating function

04 November 2010

Last year Rittal launched its new award winning thermoelectric cooling unit into the market.

With a 100W cooling capacity and only weighing 3kg it is the lightest and most efficient thermoelectric cooling unit available. 

As it does not use any refrigerant or compressors, it provides an excellent low vibration, low maintenance compact solution that still maintains air separation for harsh environments, ideal for HMI panels and small enclosures.

Rittal have now taken this a step further adding an additional heating function in addition to the cooling function. The unit automatically switches between heating and cooling to maintain precise temperature conditions of +/- 1K if required.

An easy to use software package has also been included in the box with a USB lead to allow the user to monitor and set a number of parameters from a laptop or PC. 

The unit has an optional supply of 24vDC or 100v to 240v AC 50/60Hz and an operating temperature range of –20°C to +55°C (DC +60°C).

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