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Award winning Thermoelectric Cooler from Rittal

05 January 2010

Rittals' thermoelectric coolers employ the “Peltier Effect” providing 100w of cooling output without refrigerants or gases and with very few moving parts.

This is achieved by passing an electric charge through a two dissimilar conductors which, as discovered by 19th Century physicist Jean-Charles Peltier, lowers the temperature of the “Peltier element.” Fans are then used to circulate the cool air.

Small in size (400mm H x 125mm W x 155mm D), and the lightest thermoelectric cooler on the market at a mere 3kg, Rittal’s versatile thermoelectric coolers can be mounted internally or externally, horizontally or vertically and produce very little noise or vibration.

Energy efficiency and a long service life were both engineered into Rittal’s thermoelectric coolers, with variable speed “soft starting” fans that translate to 60% more efficient operation than competitor offerings and an enhanced lifespan.

Rittal has now been awarded the prize for outstanding achievements in innovation in Germany, with its ‘Thermoelectric cooler’ which won through in the ‘Industry category’ against tough competition from over 100 rival products. The judges were impressed by the cooling unit’s green credentials and performance.

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