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Rittal High Security TS 8 Baying Systems

19 May 2009

Rittal TS 8 high security server cabinets offer strength and stability for virtually any server environment.

Built with Rittals' patented 16-fold continuously welded frame, the TS 8 Server cabinet delivers 30% more dimensional stability than available alternatives and sets the benchmark for value and functionality.

Providing 1 metric tonne of load carrying capability, the TS 8 provides optimum stability, offering a fortified housing for IT equipment.  The TS 8 also incorporates sufficient depth to enable larger servers to be installed whilst leaving ample space in the rear for cable routing. Due to its innovative design, the TS 8 can easily be bayed together without the need for any expensive intermediate frames.

Available in various heights and depths the standard TS 8 enclosures offer IP55 protection and comply with NEMA 12.  Specialist TS 8 variations are also available such as IP65, NEMA 4x, EX pressurisation and TS 8 for earthquake zone 1,2 and 3 to Bellcore.  With no internal fixings, access to the side panels is from inside only, thereby offering additional security.  Four point locking on the front and rear door increases resistance to forced entry.

This innovative rack combines a high level of structural integrity meeting all industry standards for 482.66mm (19") mounting.

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