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Photograph and slide scanning helping to keep archived photographs in use

17 August 2009

Pearl Scan are helping many companies to keep their old filing cabinet bound documents, photographs and 35mm slides in use, with conversion to electronic format.

Conversion to electronic format is ideal for regular viewing via PC's, DVD players and other digital presentations, with the aid of document scanning and archiving.

Ever since the digital age took over, the hard copy photograph is slowly being phased out, as the majority of people now use digital cameras and keep any work related photographs on their computers. They are always backed up and can be viewed in a variety of formats depending on the users' choice. With historical and past project photographs stored away, these can become degraded and damaged over time and this also happens with 35mm slides especially when handling and viewing them is a little trickier.

Pearl Scan Solutions have recently been working with many publication and editorial companies to have their photographs converted to electronic format to be safely archived and used again when needed. With the aid of photograph and slide scanning they are scanned and output to a detailed electronic format just like todays' pictures. However, it does not end there. As people find they want these photographs used more for larger scale viewing, Pearl Scan have small and large batches scanned and converted into a DVD movie to watch in meetings, presentations or company promotions.

Electronic formats can also be manipulated, enhanced and then put into a slideshow movie format, which can then be used on a DVD which anyone can put in their DVD player.

More and more organisations are jumping on board to convert their old photographs and slides to electronic format to add alongside their current digital pictures. As well as photograph intense organisations finding the service useful to clean up their back offices the service equally as popular for personal collections.

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