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New Product Alert! PeakGrip Self-Adhesive Material

10 October 2022

PeakGrip H3456 our newest self adhesive grip material, a special abrasive product for areas frequently exposed to water and mud, as fluids just run off its surface.

PeakGrip Product Overview: Provide a permanent grip surface to environments frequently exposed to mud and water. These liquids flow away due to the tape’s clever large well-spaced grit construction.

PeakGrip Applications: From grit spacing to grit size, this tape is an effective anti-slip solution. The spacing between the grit granulates ensure water and other fluid flow away, preventing clogging from mud or other contaminants. Areas exposed to harsh conditions require tape to be durable with excellent traction, by design, PeakGrip provides these benefits thanks to the extra-large particles and their spacing.

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