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New Alrad products to debut at PPMA

02 August 2012

The PPMA exhibition to be held at the Birmingham NEc from 25th - 27th September, will feature a high impacting presence from Alrad, giving the instrument specialists an opportunity to showcase a range of exciting new products.

The ISVI cameras have their first showing at PPMA.  ISVI specializes in cutting edge camera technology, featuring very high resolution and high speed cameras for automation, high speed inspection, such as PCB and wafer inspection.

MATRIX VISION is well known for its range of intelligent camera systems with built in vision processing. The mvBlueFOX is a compact industrial CCD & CMOS camera solution for any PC with USB ports. A superior image quality makes it suited for most applications. The driver in combination with the FPGA represents a perfect team which reduces the PC load to a minimum during pre-processing functions like binning. The standard GigE Vision interface guarantees an easy integration and allows cables up to 100m. The mvBlueLYNX-X is the next generation of the successful MATRIX VISION intelligent camera product line. The CPU core is based on the state-of-the-art ARM technology with up to 1 GHz target clock and image processing acceleration by DSP co-processor for parallel handling of multiple pixels. The system is ideally suited for the classical areas of machine vision, the large processing power and high-end display and graphics capability make it perfect for many other application areas.

ALRAD has always been known for providing high performance line scan cameras and the e2v DiViiNA is no exception, which has been specifically designed to provide the best answer to machine vision system integrators that are under cost reduction pressure and at the same time are eager to maintain high linear CCD performance in a 1k, 2k and 4k pixel format.

are continually developing state of the art cameras for machine vision applications and their 2 and 4 MP CMOS cameras are leading cameras in the market place. The STC-CMC series is part of the high-speed, CMOS Camera Link Camera series. These colour cameras use C-MOSIS 2 and 4 Megapixel sensor which output full resolution at 340 and 180 fps respectively. The cameras provide full triggering capabilities, a configurable AOI (Area of Interest) and come in a small package of 50 (W) x 50 (H) x 40.5 (D) mm.

TPL VISION provides solutions for Machine Vision Lighting. The XBAR high power LED light line offers an ideal solution for lighting for use with line scan or area scan cameras in machine vision applications. The light output can be continuous or strobed. The unit is easy to install, gives good homogeneity, and is excellent for use with wide objects, making it ideal for Robotics and packaging applications. 7 different wavelengths are available, as well as an RGB version. The user can select the LED beam angle and the length of the light bar unit. IP65 sealing option is available. This is just one of many products available from TPL VISION for Machine Vision lighting, all featuring High Intensity LED technology.

COHERENT’S world-renowned Lasiris™ range of structured light lasers include the SNF laser that offer structured light patterns including single and multiple laser lines with uniformity down to ±15%. Fan angle and working distance can be tailored to match your application.

What distinguishes the SNF laser from conventional lasers (with cylindrical optics) is the evenness of the illumination pattern. Lasiris™ lasers incorporate an optical line generator that eliminates Gaussian distribution of the light, resulting in the most uniform laser lines on the market. The design provides superior quality light patterns while avoiding the intricacies of installation alignment and detector calibration. Other light patterns such as square, circles, dotted lines; grid or cross hair are also available.

  • Machine vision
  • Industrial inspection
  • 3D contour mapping
  • Positioning & visualization
  • Biomedical
  • High-end alignment

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