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Can you see what’s happening on your production line?

03 September 2013

With Hindsight 20/20CAM you will.

ALRAD IMAGING the machine vision imaging specialist is proud to announce it can now offer the Hindsight 20/20CAM from Monitoring Technology in the British Isles.

The Hindsight 20/20CAM packs the power of Hindsight into a small high speed camera head. 20/20CAM's high speed video is continually stored internal to the camera “engine” with a massive storage capacity.

The “engine” offers full network capability, thus offering a complete camera and event history control from the plant floor or an office PC on the corporate internet. 20/20CAM integrates camera, XP embedded computing, a high-speed field programmable gate array (FPGA) and patent-pending software technology into a single package.

The camera can be supplied with a choice of lenses including computer controlled motorized zoom lenses.
The Hindsight 20/20CAM is sure to become your plant-critical
troubleshooting and predictive maintenance tool.

Quick setup, portability, and an easy-to-use interface allow line operators of all skill levels to capture video plant-wide for use in quick decision making and corrective action implementation.

Continuous recording memory of up to 18 hours, frame rates up to 10,000 images per second, and shutter speeds up to 1/25,000 of a second ensure video capture of critical troubleshooting data.

Full enterprise networkability with virus protection takes troubleshooting from local to global by allowing plant employees, corporate engineers, and external machine vendors to view video and event history from the plant floor or an office PC on the corporate intranet.

More than 1000 Hindsight’s are in operation worldwide and can be appropriate for a wide range of industries including Automotive, Beverage, Consumer Products, Electronics and Media, Food, Machine Tools, Paper and Printing, Pharmaceutical and Sports industry to mention a few.

For more information on how Hindsight 2020CAM can help you call 01635 30345 or visit our website

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