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ALRAD announce the introduction of the IXYS PDG-2500 Handheld +5V Digital Pulse Generator

22 April 2013

ALRAD ELECTRONICS is pleased to announce the introduction of the IXYS Corporation PDG-2500 Handheld +5V Digital Pulse Generator. IXYS Corporation is a leader in power semiconductors, mixed signal and digital ICs for power conversion and motion control applications.

The PDG-2500 portable handheld pulse generator produces single-shot pulses from 80ns to 1s in width and pulse frequencies from 5 Hz to 1 Mhz. It features an intuitive touch screen interface to control both the high resolution digital pulse generator as well as an additional user-adjustable voltage, variable from 0 to +5V DC. This DC voltage can be used as a control voltage to set high voltage power supply levels or other equipment parameters that are controlled with a DC voltage. In addition to touch screen user control, the PDG-2500 includes a USB computer interface for straightforward computer control and operation.

“The PDG-2500 is a rugged, handheld instrument that provides users with an easy to use, compact and portable dual function pulse generator for lab, production floor or field uses. It is well suited for gating, triggering and pulsing in laser, electro-optic, component test, chemistry and numerous other test and measurement applications that require precision high-speed pulses.” Commented Stephen Krausse, General Manager of IXYS Colorado.

Portability included! The PDG-2500 can operate on internal battery power for up to six hours, or on 100-240VAC power with the included power supply. The PDG-2500 brings the pulse to the application.

PDG-2500 Features:
  • Frequencies from 5 Hz to 1MHz with duty cycle: 0.00 % to 100.00 %
  • Single-shot pulse widths from 80 ns to 1.0000000 s
  • Analogue channel with 0.000 V to 5.000 V DC output, 76 micro-volt adjustability
  • Intuitive touch screen control
  • USB computer interface
  • Battery powered for portability and electrical isolation

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