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High Power Laser Gratings from Alrad / Bach Research

05 February 2016

Bach Research Corporation is a leading manufacturer of precision custom optics and diffraction gratings.

Bach high power laser gratings are ruled directly into Gold deposited on Copper, Invar or Stainless Steel. They feature a high 95% absolute efficiency guaranteed at 10.6 microns (up to 99% available on request) Efficiency can be tweaked from 9 to 11microns.

Nominal Standard line spacing include:  200, 171, 163, 150 and 135 lines per mm  Bach gratings have been successfully utilised over an extensive period by various US and European Government agencies, including US Army and US Air Force together with major laser OEMs, national laboratories and multiple universities.

Bach gratings, for example, have proven effective in lasers with a 5kW output, noting that the intra-cavity location of the grating can be dealing with a factor of approx 50 times more power.

These components have supported TEA lasers where the grating has survived 100 million shots

In addition to intra-cavity gratings, Bach also manufacture output coupler gratings, where efficiencies are split between zero and first order (or any orders desired)
Also offered are gratings that combine beams for increased power.

As a European distributor for Bach Research, Alrad welcome all enquiries for laser gratings.

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