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David Bailey’s ‘first’ as convent school furniture supplier

10 December 2012

Could a celestial pat on the back be coming our way? David Bailey Furniture Systems hopes so after completing its first contract with a convent school.

Gumley House Convent School in Isleworth, Middlesex, knows the importance in providing the highest education for youngsters. Established in 1841, the school has prepared generations of young women to take their place in the world. So when they needed to find an art room furniture manufacturer to supply fitted furniture for three art rooms and a ceramics room they looked no further than David Bailey Furniture Systems.

Headteacher, Ewa Kolczynska said: “It is important that our students have opportunities to explore their creative side in school, perhaps discovering a rare talent in the process. We wanted our facilities to reflect the high standards we set and we needed an art room furniture supplier who understood our needs in terms of space, storage, design, quality and, of course, cost. David Bailey Furniture Systems took on board our ideas and created a space that meets all our needs. We are delighted with the three new art rooms and the ceramics room.”

An important consideration of any art room furniture design is storage and creative space: storage for art supplies and materials and space for drying and displaying artwork.

With the choice of 20 different colours as standard, David Bailey Furniture Systems’ Education range of fitted school furniture enables you to find a match for your school’s creative side. Gumley House, with recommendation from David Bailey Furniture Systems, selected school storage units with duck egg blue doors and speckled white worktops to make full use of natural light in the creative space. Incorporating open shelving, enclosed cupboards, upright storage cupboards and extra wide drawers and shelves, the art room furniture meets all the needs of the art pupils.

To see how David Bailey Furniture Systems can help you achieve quality designed fitted school furniture view our virtual tour or call us on 01843 604896.

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