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A Labelling System Designed for Labs

23 October 2008

The LABXPERT™ labelling system version 2 was specifically designed for the labelling requirements of the modern laboratory.

The new labelling system specifically designed for laboratories is capable of producing clear, permanent labels for virtually any laboratory application - flasks, tubes, straws, microplates and microscope slides to name only a few.

The LABXPERT's 300dpi resolution printing means that even the smallest fonts and barcodes can be printed with complete clarity and legibility. Over 140 lab-specific symbols (Greek, scientific and safety symbols) are instantly available for added convenience. This compact, lightweight (under 1Kg) hand-held device can produce labels 80% faster than hand-writing – and with font sizes down to 1mm, far more information can be included than on any hand-written label. The innovative "Drop, Lock and Print"” Smart Cartridge makes it quick and easy to change between different labelling jobs.

However Brady point out that in laboratory labelling the printer, however good, is only part of the story. It is when the LABXPERT is combined with the unique range of specialised label materials and print media available from Brady that a solution will be found for virtually any laboratory labelling task. Labels can be produced that will withstand the harshest environments - temperatures from liquid nitrogen (-196°C) to autoclave (+121°C), and solvents like Xylene, Ethanol, DMSO and IPA - and that will remain intact and legible through many cycles of immersion and repeated handling. Brady Freezerbondz II labels can even be applied to already frozen surfaces.

According to Brady the latest LABXPERT v2.0 model has a USB port for easy PC connectivity, plus narrower bar codes and 10 new font sizes to fit more information on the very small labels needed for some laboratory consumables. The optional IdentiLab™ PC software has easy-to-use wizards for label creation and tools for more advanced applications such as database import, automatic text formatting, multi-label data entry and 2-D bar codes.

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