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Cream of the Crop

20 November 2008

With a clutch of the industry’s most coveted awards, a glittering roster of celebrity clients, a reputation as a world-class colourist and a thriving business, Lisa Shepherd is one of the most successful women in hairdressing.

Winner of the British Hairdresser of the Year 2005 accolade, a familiar face on TV and regularly calledupon for international fashion shows and magazine photo-shoots, Lisa’s seriously in demand. But with three salons across the Midlands to keep track of, she needs to be able to manage and monitor her business with minimal stress, and that’s where i-salon has proved invaluable.

Having worked with the late hairdressing icon Umberto Giannini for 17 years, Lisa opened her own salon in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, in 2002. Since then, the business has grown to include a franchise salon in Sutton Coldfield and a ‘branchise’ in Birmingham, with acclaimed hairdresser Tim Scott-Wright a co-director in the venture.

Lisa initially used the original i-salon software in her first salon to help manage appointments, maintain accurate and up-to-date client records and introduce pin-pointed client marketing, through the system’s easily-accessible database. And as the business grew, so Lisa’s needs changed too. To meet the demands of her expanding enterprise, Lisa invested in CommandCentre, a software system which maximises the management tools of i-salon and is the unrivalled option for owners of multiple salons.

As well as offering all the indispensable tools available via i-salon, CommandCentre’s unique capability allows salon owners to access up-to-the-minute live information on their businesses through a secure internet connection anywhere in the world. For Lisa, this means that she can check everything from stock to staff payroll, and commission to client appointments at her three salons from wherever she happens to be based. And the information she’s able to see is the latest data available.

“We’ve got on really well with CommandCentre, it’s a good investment for any salon owner who has more than one salon and it’s exactly what I need to keep track of the latest facts and figures on my busy salons, no matter where I am,” says Lisa. “We’ve made big changes throughout the business in the last 12 months with regards to the technology we use, and i-salon has helped us every step of the way. Through CommandCentre I can keep updated with all the vital business information I need to know as a salon owner,” Lisa adds. “And the i-salon functions that are part of the system help save my team valuable time and money too.”

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