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Endress+Hauser presents solutions for oil & gas

16 July 2015

Endress+Hauser will be presenting a range of instruments and solutions for the oil & gas industry at the SPE Offshore Europe exhibition from 8–11 September 2015.

Together with partner Rockwell Automation, Endress+Hauser is committed to providing customers with complete process automation solutions that use best-in-class instrumentation, software and control systems. Join us on Stand 1F51 to see how we can help you to reduce integration costs and risks, improve operational and maintenance efficiency and optimise your plant’s assets.

Pioneering gas analysis

The acquisition of SpectraSensors has given Endress+Hauser access to revolutionary laser technology. We will be showcasing the SS2100i-1 process gas analysers, which use pioneering tunable diode laser (TDL) technology for exceptional reliability in measuring trace gas components. With ATEX and IECEx approval, the analysers are ideal for use at custody transfer points to measure moisture and hydrogen sulfide on export metering packages, as well as in natural gas processing plants to measure hydrogen sulfide on amine scrubber outlets or moisture on desiccant dryer outlets.

High pressure, high precision
We’ll also be demonstrating our latest flowmeters, specially designed for demanding oil & gas applications. Promag 53P is a high-performance electromagnetic flowmeter offering precise measurements to 0.2%  for electrically conductive fluids. With all the required approvals, certificates, materials and process connections, this is an ideal flowmeter for water injection and produced water injection for enhanced oil recovery up to 420 bar (ANSI class 2500).

Promass O is Endress+Hauser's Coriolis flowmeter for high pressure flow applications up to 258 bar (ANSI class 1500) and process temperatures up to 200°C. As with all Endress+Hauser Coriolis flowmeters, this is a true multi-variable device offering mass and volume flow, density and temperature measurement.

Home-grown solutions
Manufactured at our UK headquarters in Manchester, the Venturi tube and square-edged orifice plate offer reliable flow measurement even in high pressure and high temperature applications. The classic Venturi tube has the additional benefit of low pressure loss and minimal upstream piping requirements, and is used extensively in arduous metering applications such as subsea manifolds where space and energy conservation is at a premium. The orifice plate is one of our most popular low-cost flow measurement solutions which can be engineered to fit most applications. We’ll also be showcasing our solid-drilled thermowells and other bespoke engineered temperature solutions.

Radiation-based measurement
Endress+Hauser’s gamma density profiling solutions offer the most accurate information on the emulsion layer created during the oil production process, with a number of efficiency and cost-saving benefits. With over five decades of involvement with nucleonic devices, we are best placed to guide you through the implementation of radiation-based measurement.

At the exhibition we will use models to demonstrate device configuration from a central engineering station using open Ethernet-based plant networks. We'll also demonstrate integration into the well-established Rockwell Automation control architecture.

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