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T-mass Thermal Mass Flowmeters measure, monitor and save!

01 July 2010

With the current move towards saving energy to achieve cost savings, there has been much interest in minimising the consumption of fuels and gases.

So, when you’re looking for a proven performer for direct mass flow gas measurement applications, Endress+Hausers' t-mass is the ideal solution, whether for compressed air, natural gas and biogas among other utility gas applications.

A plant can never run too efficiently, and t-mass is a powerful tool when it comes to rooting out waste and boosting performance. With a typical turndown of 100:1 and a negligible pressure loss,
t-mass 65 is capable of accurately measuring both low flow rates and leakage. Available as an inline or insertion flowmeter, t-mass 65 can be supplied to suit a wide range of pipe sizes (DN15...1500), in circular or square ducting, and is ATEX-certified for use in hazardous areas. Better still, should you require it, Endress+Hausers' insertion t-mass can be hot tapped, providing even more savings in terms of valuable production time.

With its integrated ‘gas engine’, choose from a list of 20 pure gases (for example, air, nitrogen, oxygen etc), and even customise a specific gas mixture, which is ideal for measuring biogas. By selecting and programming the pure gas (or gas mixture) directly on the device, you’re not so reliant on factory pre-sets and can configure t-mass to suit the requirements of your specific application. The data within the gas engine then provides an accurate flow measurement based upon real plant conditions.

Endress+Hausers' t-mass thermal mass flowmeter is also geared up to operate as part of larger solutions, in particular energy management systems. By simply configuring the transmitter menu to provide an output based upon engineering units suitable for energy calculation, e.g. SCFM and m3/hr, t-mass measuring data can be used for monitoring & targeting purposes. This is particularly beneficial considering that small efficiency improvements in the energy-intensive compressor or boiler houses can achieve significant cost savings for your plant!

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