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Promass E 200 from Endress+Hauser is the first Coriolis flowmeter with full 2-wire technology (4…20mA)

02 December 2010

As a true 2-wire instrument, Endress+Hauser’s Promass E200 offers significant advantages such as reduced installation and wiring costs with no additional converters or power required.

Previously, Coriolis mass flowmeters were available exclusively with 4-wire technology necessitating a separate power supply and signal wire. By using state-of-the-art low power electronic components, Endress+Hauser succeeded in combining the accuracy and repeatability attributed to Coriolis technology with the cost and safety benefits of 2-wire devices.

Tried-and-tested Coriolis sensor technology
With line sizes in DN8 to DN50, Promass E200 simultaneously measures the mass flow, fluid density and temperature across a range of liquids and gases offering outstanding accuracy and repeatability for improved process control.

Meeting all industry requirements
In the chemical and petrochemical industries, 2-wire measuring devices are in high demand, as intrinsic safety is extremely important especially in hazardous areas. Promass E200 meets all the relevant standards in the process industry such as NAMUR, HART and SIL. For example, both self-monitoring and error diagnostics are strictly in accordance with the specifications of NE107 (NAMUR), guaranteeing a high degree of operational safety and maximum system availability.

Sophisticated technology, simple operation
Another outstanding feature of the Promass E200 is its innovative, user-specific and task-orientated operating concept - operator, maintenance and expert menus can be called up immediately at the touch of a button. Intuitive menu-guided operation incorporating simple wizards leads users through the configuration process, with handy ‘tool tips’ to provide additional resource where needed. In the event of an error, remedy information is immediately displayed.

Safe and secure data back-up
Promass E200 provides data management, data back-up and configuration data transfer to other measuring points via the local display. And for servicing, the automatic data back-up via HistoROM enables the fast exchange of measuring electronics and automatic reconfiguration without the need for re-calibration.

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