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Optimum multifaceted CCTV solution for ultra-high security

09 February 2016

A modular integrated closed circuit television (CCTV) solution with wireless 4G router, multi-camera and recorder has hit the market targeted at ultra-high security sectors.

Pharos Optimus from software security expert EyeLynx allows up to four configurable devices to be mounted on a mast – meaning site security operators can deploy the perfect combination of day, night and infra red cameras, lighting, detection and audio technologies on a single Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) unit.

As it is highly robust to extremes of temperature, moisture and corrosive chemicals, it can cope with marine applications and other harsh environments, such as industrial chemical plants and the desert.

Developer EyeLynx, a part of the perimeter protection group Zaun, expects this top end of its Pharos range to sell well to energy infrastructure operators, such as oil, gas, electricity and nuclear networks, in Europe and the Middle East.

Optimus is deployed with configurable modules including full HD1080p and VGA thermal cameras, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), visible or infrared LEDs and amplified horn speakers. 
Adaptive LED lighting controls brightness in response to ambient light levels and also available is a combined IR/white light LED module capable of illuminating subjects over 100m away.

Chief executive officer Jay Patel says: “Optimus offers the greatest protection against crime and vandalism at a fraction of the price of manned guarding and also gathers vital HD video evidence for prosecution in the event of a security breach.  Site security operators can detect threats early with advanced sensors such as RADAR, on-fence acoustic cable and video analytics, integrated with SharpView.”

EyeLynx’s Pharos system is the only true Rapid Deployment HD surveillance system on the market with Edge Recording Cluster ERCTM capability to incorporate an intelligent recorder, management software and wireless communications all in the same unit.

Cameras record HD 24/7 and whenever the perimeter is compromised or a potential intruder approaches too close to the site perimeter, Pharos will send a snapshot alert to the control centre for visual verification using WiFi, 3G, 4G or ADSL – or even to assigned personal mobile devices, such as the police or nearest guard to the breach.

SharpView integrates with access control, fire and intruder alarms and facial recognition systems to further enhance safety and security at multi-site facilities.

Optimus is machined from solid aluminium, anodised for superior protection in all environmental conditions, while tempered flat glass camera windows with advanced silicone wiper blades retain optical clarity.

It incorporates a micro-stepping motor with no wearing parts ensuring smooth silent movement and zero backlash, while a speed range of 10,000:1 delivers precise movements even at full zoom.

EyeLynx has also unveiled an innovative mounting bracket for its Pharos pole-mounted devices with anti-tamper and anti-theft enhancements.

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