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Zaun Fencing manufacturing 3m high great value ballcourt fencing

26 July 2007

Zaun Ltd are now manufacturing the OLYMPUS sports fencing system, which uses a variable mesh pattern to reduce cost without compromising performance

358 mesh has long been a popular choice for sports courts as it gives an excellent rebound surface and does not offer any finger traps. However as many courts are 3m high, a system made of 358 can be quite expensive. This problem is often overcome by using 358 weld mesh for the lower portion of the fence and using roll mesh above it. However, roll mesh is weak, easily damaged and sags quickly.

Zaun have developed the perfect solution to this situation with its Olympus sports fencing. It has a standard 358 (13x76mm) mesh pattern over the lower 1.2m, the next 1.2m has a 25x76mm mesh pattern and the highest section of the fence has an even more open 50x76mm mesh.

The Olympus system is both lighter weight and lower cost than traditional 358 sports systems, but is just as effective as the wires are placed only where they are needed; more at the bottom which is subject to high impact, and fewer towards the top that serves only as ball retention. The reduction in the number of horizontal wires means that the lighter weight panel is easier to install and also cheaper than using 3m 358 panels.

Paul Painter, Zaun’s director for sales and finance, believes that this panel will prove to be very popular in the sports market. “Some companies introduce products to the market without really finding out what the market wants, which results in systems that are fit for the purpose, but could be better. However, we have done a good deal of research to find out what it is that is wanted by the sports market and we have developed the Olympus system in line with the feedback we received. We have received several orders for this system already and we expect that word will spread quickly. The Olympus system really could make the 358mesh/roll mesh combination a thing of the past!”

The Olympus panels are manufactured by Zaun’s sister company, Zmesh. Zmesh was set up 9 months ago at a cost of £3 million by Zaun’s Directors Paul Painter and Alastair Henman to manufacture mesh panels for Zaun and also to enable the supply and sale of panels directly in to the fencing market as well as other industries that require mesh products.

“Having our own mesh machine allows us a huge amount of flexibility in the production process” says Alastair Henman, Technical and Production Director. “We are able to produce what panels we need, when we need them, and this flexibility is passed on to our customers who already have given us plenty of positive feedback.”

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