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Impac Infrared launches new Thermal Imaging Camera

02 April 2009

The new M7604 high performance Thermal Imaging Camera features two spectral ranges and an integral visible light camera.

The M7604 has a standard waveband of 8-14µm for general thermal imaging applications and then an option to have a second waveband of either 3.9µm or 5µm. The 3.9µm waveband is ideal for looking through flames and products of combustion in furnaces and boilers and other applications, while the 5µm waveband is used for the imaging of glass surfaces.

The camera features composite visual and thermal image functionality together with the ability to record both visual and thermal images. With voice recording, multi-spot temperature measurement, automatic level, gain and focus, the M7604 camera is at the forefront of Thermal imaging technology.

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