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End-user quality control - not with Urban Hygiene

07 May 2009

It makes sense to test things before you use them. We understand this at Urban Hygiene so we’ve tested our products independently so you won’t have to.

Easy-on anti graffiti coating was tested to by the National Materials Research Institute. Their rigorous testing showed that a single coat of easy-on lasts for over 20 years and can be cleaned 100's of times without the need for reapplication. Whether applied inside or out, Easy-on enabled the complete removal of all graffiti, fly posters, shoe scuffs, traffic film and even germs and bacteria from every surface. After each cleaning the test panels were checked under a powerful microscope and proven to be free from shadows or stains. This rigorous independent testing is what sets Easy-on apart from other anti graffiti coatings and guarantees its performance in any situation.

Easy-off graffiti remover was formulated in line with the Health and Safety Executives guidance and is one of the safest graffiti removers in the world. Testing shows Easy-off contains no harmful chemicals and is 100% biodegradable. In every situation Easy-off quickly penetrates deep into any graffiti media and lifts inks, dyes and paints away from the surface ready to be washed or wiped away. Easy-off is available as part of a graffiti removal kit that can be used by anyone – anywhere.

As you might imagine fire safety testing is a very serious business. When we wanted to test Easy-guard Fire upgrade coating, there was only one place to go. Warringtonfire’s “blue board” test is the industry standard and ensures the products you buy are fit for the job. Easy-guard sailed through every test and was awarded a Class ‘0’ upgrade status. Warringtonfire went on to test easy-guard + Easy-on as a complete system and that too passed with flying colours. If you are wanting the best in fire protection combined with unrivalled graffiti protection look no further than Easy-guard + Easy-on.

To view all the test results, visit our website, or come and see our products for yourself at the national Anti Graffiti Association Conference 2009, held in Nottingham on the 13th and 14th of May. There are still delegate places available, so to reserve your place, contact us, or visit our website to receive your registration pack in the post. We look forward to seeing you there.

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