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Swine Flu vs Easy-on

08 May 2009

The Swine flu virus can survive on painted walls. Simply by brushing your hand across an infected surface you could be contaminated.

Protecting walls in public buildings with Urban Hygienes' Easy-on and maintaining the cleanliness of the surface on a rgular basis, can help reduce the transference of disease.

Controlling the transfer of germs and bacteria forms a large part of the 2006 Health Care Act*. It states the cleaning of surfaces where cross contamination could take place is paramount. As we move around public buildings we come in to contact with walls and doors so it makes sense these are protected and regularly cleaned to prevent germs spreading.

Unfortunately just wiping walls and doors isn’t enough. Tests prove surfaces painted with silk emulsion, trade emulsion and even gloss paints can hold on to germs after cleaning.

Easy-on is a clear protective coating that is applied over existing paintwork. It seals the underlying surface and forms a transparent wipe clean barrier that lasts for up to 20 years, even when scrubbed every day. The non-stick nature of easy-on guarantees the 100% removal of any contaminant without damage occurring to the surface that it is protecting, meaning that the same attention can now be given to walls as is given to floors, ensuring that public spaces such as Schools, Leisure Centres and Hospitals are a less attractive breeding ground for future pandemics.

*The Health Care Act 2006 aims to prevent and control Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI’s). It was brought in to force when studies showed HAI’s could be responsible for over 5,000 deaths in the UK every year! This has a direct cost to the Health Service of over £1 Billion.

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