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Barbeque cleaning equipment from FEM prevents greasy build up

18 May 2010

Barbeque cleaning equipment from Foodservice Equipment Marketing

No matter how good barbeque equipment is it needs to be regularly cleaned to avoid the build-up of dirt and grease that can cause food safety problems, spoil the taste of the food and increase cooking times. Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) supplies a range of grill accessories designed to keep grills spotlessly clean so they can perform at their best and keep food tasting as it should. The Prince Castle range includes grill scrapers and blades, grill wipers and char brushes. All are designed to commercial standards with sturdy handles and are dishwasher proof for ease of cleaning. The 178mm wide grill wipers quickly and easily remove excess grease from the grill while the coarse bristle brushes are excellent at removing stubborn burnt-on deposits. Replacement wiper strips and brushes are also available.  

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