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Metrix introduce 2 and 4-channel Portable Recorders with optional built-in Printer

21 October 2010

The new DAS 20 and DAS 40 series recorders from Metrix Electronics feature high performance 2 or 4-channel ‘universal’ inputs, with an optional built-in printer.

The new DAS 20 and DAS 40 series recorders from Metrix Electronics feature high performance 2- or 4-channel ‘universal’ inputs respectively, with an optional built-in printer, for maximum flexibility in a wide range of applications.

The internal rechargeable battery supply gives up to 10 hours of autonomous recording. With a 1Ms/s sampling rate, both models offer direct recording of all channels simultaneously to the internal hard disk with a 100kHz bandwidth. Additional external memory devices can be directly connect to the USB port.

The optional factory fitted printer module enables hard copies of selected data to be printed directly onto 110mm wide thermal paper.

The ‘universal’ input channels meet IEC 1010 CAT III, 600V safety standards. Each isolated channel can be selected for DC voltage (1mV to 1000V), true RMS AC+DC (200mV to 424V), or thermocouple inputs.

Measurement functions include: voltage, current, frequency, power (with harmonic analysis) and temperature. In addition, 16-logical input channels and two alarm outputs are available.

The 7-inch colour screen displays the multi-channel waveforms during acquisition, or when viewing from memory, and is also used to set up the desired configurations for the instrument through easy-to-use on-screen menus.

Ethernet and USB interfaces are provided for remote control, data transfer to a network, external storage media or a PC for archiving and further analysis. Basic data transfer and viewing software is supplied. More sophisticated data analysis and report software are available as options.

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