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28 May 2012

The beginnings of Creative Spaces go back to 2004.

Tayside Construction Forum was born out of the success of “Building a Better Tayside”. That event comprised a series of presentations, lectures, seminars and workshops that were intended to reach out, not only to those currently involved in design and construction, but to a much wider audience including the general public and importantly children in secondary education and their teachers.

Creative Spaces intention was to arrange a design competition that would introduce and encourage S2 students from secondary schools in the local area, to participate in a day long contest with a direct interface between education, design and construction. Importantly it would also give their teachers the opportunity not only to participate, but also take a positive message back to their schools.

The initial motivation for such a specific event was to the use the knowledge, experience and expertise of those involved to help stimulate local school children to perhaps consider a career in the design related professions and/or in the construction industry, increase awareness of their own potential whilst raising and improving the general profile of the construction industry.

The 2004 Creative Spaces event was such a success that it has been repeated every year with schools from Angus, Perth & Kinross and Fife councils now taking part.

The A. Proctor Group were delighted to contribute to the recent Creative Spaces Event 2012 by providing Styrofoam for local school children to build architectural models.

Styrofoam is an extruded polystyrene foam material developed by Dow and is more than an effective thermal insulant. It has a unique combination of physical and chemical characteristics that make it a key component within a wide variety of today’s high performance composite structures. Styrofoam is lightweight, yet exceptionally strong, safe in use and capable of being precision - engineered.

For use in floors, basements, flat and pitched roofing applications on both new build and refurbishment projects.
The A. Proctor Group has for nearly 50 years, been serving the construction industry with an extensive portfolio of technically advanced thermal, acoustic and membrane products.

For further information related to the A. Proctor Group’s range of thermal insulation, or any of their other product ranges, please visit

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