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New M.D. at A. Proctor Group

28 May 2012

Allan Proctor took over the organisation of the A. Proctor Group of companies as Managing Director from his father in 1982.

He instituted a programme of restructuring in which a fast track approach to product development and closer links to customers and suppliers were adopted. Over the past twenty years, turnover grew significantly by developing new innovative products for the construction industry, and diversifying and developing its agricultural skill base. New companies have been added to the group to strengthen its position.

Over the last 3 years, Allan has faced challenges with his health therefore after much deliberation he has stepped down as Managing Director. Allan will continue an active interest in the Company and will assume the role of Chairman in support of the Board of Directors.

It is the wish of Allan and the Operational Board to retain the company culture, therefore to ensure continuity and stability of the organisation, Keira Proctor, his daughter, has been appointed Managing Director.

Keira has been working for the Group since 2004 in a variety of sales roles, her latest being Sales Director. The product range the group offer is highly diverse, including air barriers, vapour control membranes, ground protection membranes, thermal and acoustic insulation solutions and a new focus on sustainability.

The Groups subsidiaries promote and supply pig buildings and Biogas plants to the agricultural sector. Keira’s appointment heralds a new generation for the A. Proctor Group to focus on continued innovation, diversification and sustained growth.

Keira added “I greatly value the depth of knowledge and entrepreneurship Allan has shown myself and the company during his time as Managing Director of the A. Proctor Group. The development and progress achieved by the Company over the past 20 years has been significant. This is entirely down to the contribution made by staff throughout the organisation.
My vision for the A.Proctor Group going forward is to develop our portfolio of products and services to lead the company through the challenging economic times. Working closely with our suppliers and customers, we look forward to continued growth. “

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