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Hyde Park GRP Bells

14 April 2023

In summer of last year, we were contacted by Spacial Installations, a company who specialise in manufacturing and creating bespoke high quality set builds for events and the entertainment industry.

They were working for the Barclaycard British Summertime Event in Hyde Park creating what is known as “Hotel Grand Campano”. A “pop-up” bar which was a 4-storey structure, coming in at 12m high, created from shipping containers and then set dressed to provide the appropriate aesthetic.

Where we came into play within this job was the manufacturing of GRP bells which were to be the centre feature of the top of the build. These bells were 600mm diameter and because they are manufactured in GRP, they are very lightweight and easy to manoeuvre and install, without the need for extensive structural support. Furthermore, because we manufactured these in GRP, it allowed us to take a mould of an original antique bell, ensuring a life like replica was produced, including all the imperfections found in older bells, adding to the realistic antique look.

These lifelike replicas are so realistic many people won’t be able to tell that it is not indeed a real bronze bell. Our first step was “bronzing” the bell to give it a depth of colour. As this is drying, we carefully applied various coats of Verdigris solution to the bell, giving it the appearance of a metal bell, which has naturally aged after being exposed to natural elements creating this beautiful aged green colour to the bronze.

The finished result was absolutely spectacular and although we were only really a small part of a much larger job, we are so proud and honoured to have been part of this build and hope there is many more opportunities for future collaborations with Spacial Installations.

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