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Good Directions clock in on time for Daybreak

13 September 2010

With just 4 weeks to go, Hampshire clock manufacturers Good Directions were approached to manufacture a 4ft clock for the new breakfast TV studios.

Based on an old style train station clock the simple dial was designed to be clear and easy to read with an antique white face in a metallic burnished bronze colour bezel.

The clocks were to be kept secret until the opening of the show and Good Directions Ltd was delighted to receive such a prestigious order, working all hours to get the clocks ready on time. Although simple in design, state of the art technology was used to be sure the clocks would run on time.

Good Directions marketing manager, Rosalie Hoare;

“Obviously with potentially millions of people seeing the clocks every morning they need to be accurate and this is why the most advanced technology was used for our controller to ensure the clocks will be precise at all times. We have various control systems to suit all situations but in this instance our Total Control System was needed to be able to cope with all the background interference typically found in a TV studio and still be able to receive the Atomic time signal. Our fully automatic battery backed system is linked to the Atomic time signal via a radio receiver, allowing it to adjust the clocks at the summer and winter time changes as well as work through any power failures.”

‘Daybreak’ was launched at 6am Monday 6th September with Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley giving a tour of their new studio and showing viewers one of their new “very big, retro and easy to read clock” now in pride of place next to the beautiful back drop of the London skyline directly behind the presenters sofa.

Good Directions has spent over 20 years building a reputation worldwide as a market leader in the design, construction, installation and restoration of exterior clocks and clock towers with past projects also in London including Leicester Square and IRA bombed St Ethelburgas church, as well as others at Warwick Castle, Leeds Castle, Harbour House Southampton Docks, St James’ Hospital Portsmouth and Wirksworth Town Hall.

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