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Jtech brings seamless Staniless Steel Column Encasements without joints

25 January 2010

At a Secondary School project in the North East, Jtech Services have supplied 10no Polished Stainless Steel Column Casings.

As well as its pleasing appearance, Stainless Steel is often specified for its hardwearing, resilient properties. The specification called for these casings to be as smooth as possible and preferably without any seams or joints at all. By working closely with the architects, Silvester Ashton Partnership and the main contractors, Jtech Services were able to provide a product that catered to the clients' specific requirements.

Part of this requirement included detailing the correct high quality finish that would aid ongoing maintenance and would also be suitable for this exposed coastal location. The expert advice on this matter was provided by the British Stainless Steel Association (BSSA) who specialise in providing technical advice, training and market support for Stainless Steel.

Jtech Services are pleased to work closely with all their partners to provide the finished product that the client wants to see.

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