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New EPLAN Data Portal Online

13 May 2010

EPLAN Data Portal is now online with a new version, with functions that accelerate the administration and organisation of devices and components.

In practice designing becomes more efficient with the extensive selection of device and component data.  This makes search and administation functions easier for users and make the engineering process faster.

For example, smart filters now allow the storage of all the filter schemes as individual search patterns. These can simply be called up again repeatedly – thus saving a lot of time. Key word tagging, with corresponding catch words parts are organised perfectly. Whether by purpose of use, procurement or project name, parts can now be grouped and organised with an excellent overview.

Through the new display of the manufacturer tree structure, component data can be searched for exactly in accordance with the catalogue structure. No more tedious paging or manual transfer, simply insert the data into the project and carry on.

Working groups can now be formed to work together in designing the basis of a uniform parts database. A group administrator defines the filter and part selection so that only parts approved for the project can be selected. A new accessory management with jump function comfortably shows the suitable accessory devices for the selected main devices and of course also vice versa.

A new macro preview in EPLAN Data Portal shows which macros are available for the respective device or part. Complete macros from PLC devices, measuring transducers or frequency converters can be imported specifically into the project. Integrated connection diagrams and function templates ensure exact representation of complex devices and components, not only ensuring a smooth interconnection, but ideally prepare the data for use in the process.

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