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Survive the Festive Season with ANP’s New Party Pack

07 October 2010

We all look forward to the party season, but over-indulgence can sometimes place extra demand on our nutrient levels.

Rich food, the dehydrating effects of alcohol and late nights can take their toll on your body, including your skin.  Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help take care of yourself from the inside, so you can really enjoy the festivities, not least topping up your body’s nutrient stores with the new Advanced Nutrition Programme Party Pack.

Why not add a vitamin cocktail to your Christmas and New Year menu?  The Party Pack contains two months supply of Skin Vit C, Skin Vitality 1, Glutamine supplements which will help you survive the festive season.

Don’t let a cold get in the way of your fun, load up with Skin Vit C, packed with antioxidant vitamin C to support your immune system and help you keep going at this busy time.  Take one a day with a meal.

Bags of B vitamins mean bags of energy for partying hard.  Skin Vitality 1 is a broad spectrum multi- vitamin and mineral supplement that contains a great complex of B vitamins.  Take one a day with a meal.

If you find yourself flagging in the early hours, make sure you stock up on Glutamine throughout the festive period.  Alcohol reduces the body’s stores of this detoxifying amino acid.  Take ½ a teaspoon in water or sprinkled on food, 1-3 times a day.  Mix a full teaspoon in a glass of water before going to bed after a big night out. 

Lorraine Perretta, Advanced Nutrition Programme’s nutritional consultant has some other top tips for surviving the party season:

Salt can cause the body to retain water, so minimizing intake for a few days can help you look and feel slimmer.

Drinking fresh smoothies not only makes a contribution to your ‘five-a-day’ of fruit and vegetables, but can boost your antioxidant levels which in turn can help support a healthy immune system to ward off colds and flu.

Eat a full meal before drinking to slow down the absorption of alcohol and help you resist unhealthy snacks.

Alcohol depletes your body’s nutrient levels; a multivitamin each day can help safeguard the diet.

Moderation is key, having one drink per hour gives your body time to process the alcohol.

Eat a banana the morning after - they provide electrolytes which are lost due to alcohol’s diuretic effect. 

The Advanced Nutrition Programme, formulated by Patrick Holford, is a complete professional nutritional system of healthy eating and appropriate supplementation that is specifically designed to support anti-ageing therapies in the salon, spa and clinic environment. 

Phone 020 8830 8030 or visit for more information about other supplements in the range.



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