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Anti condensation Thermostats from ATC

12 November 2010

For anti-condensation applications and accurate temperature control, nothing competes commercially or technically with the Matsuo range of thermostats from ATC Semitec.

Their unique twin-bimetal system creates a control that is capable of switching over 1 million cycles with minimal drift.

They are totally sealed from the outside environment with an IP64 rated PBT housing and are easily incorporated into trace-heating systems. Available down to -10oC with accuracies to ±1.5K and differentials down to 3±1K, very accurate, long-term control can be guaranteed using a Matsuo thermostat.

This makes them particularly suitable for applications in isolated sites such as CCTV cameras, tv & radio masts and wind turbines, among other applications, where maintenance costs are high when inferior quality thermostats prematurely fail.

Call ATC Semitec today to let us help you control your condensation problems.

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