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Wall to Wall cases to protect two way radios

20 September 2012

Two way radios can be a big investment so it is important to protect them from being damaged. Most radios can withstand a fair amount of wear and tear, however, when transporting them it can be difficult to guarantee that they will be treated carefully.

With our Tough Cases however, there is no need to worry at all, as they are secured by a range of brilliant innovations as can be seen below;

Built with Copolymer Polypropylene Uses open cell core and solid wall construction, which is stronger and lighter than a solid core wall.

Watertight Seal
A neoprene o-ring fits snugly between the case body and the lid, ensuring a watertight seal when the case is closed.

Easy-Open Latches
Double step latches facilitate easier opening and closing of the cases.

Stainless Steel Pins
Stainless steel pins are used in hinges latches and handles to prevent corrosion.

Automatic Pressure Release Valve
For quick equalisation after changes in atmospheric pressure, allows the case to be opened easily (especially after flights).

Padlock Protector
Reinforced metal padlock protectors offer security against cutting and theft.

Suited to your needs
Available in a vast range of alternate s i z e s and different colours :)

These cases are crushproof, dust-proof and waterproof, ideal to use as storage during extreme conditions and perfect for travelling.

To put it simply these cases are tough!

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