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Wall to Wall advice on Radio Communications system

27 November 2009

Having decided to improve your companys' communications systems, Wall to Wall Communications explain where to start and what you need to know.

Wall to Wall Communications, an independent two way radio systems supplier, have compiled some considerations which could be useful before placing an order. Wall to Wall supply radios from a range of manufacturers including Motorola, Icom, Tait, Kenwood and Entel, on both a sales and a hire basis.

1. Where are you going to use the radios? What is the terrain like where you will you be using your radios? Will you be outside, inside, or maybe both? If you require radios for an open outdoor setting, such as a golf course or activity centre, then you will probably want VHF, (Very High Frequency), radios. These provide excellent clarity and range. On the other hand, if you are looking for radios to use in a built up outdoor setting, or inside a building or shopping centre for example, then UHF, (Ultra High Frequency), are the walkie talkies for you. These will work better inside as they have the increased capability to transmit though obstructions such as walls. Wall to Wall list various products of both types on their website.

2. Which extra features do you need? Wall to Wall Communications supply radios from a wide range of manufacturers which come with many different features. These includes group calling capabilities, extra loud audio, monitors, key pads, squelch level control, hands free and multiple channels and some are even submersible. Often choosing which radio suits your requirements can be slightly overwhelming. If this is the case, the best course of action is to contact one of our experienced sales team who will be able talk you through the various models we have on offer.

3. How many radios will you need? In some cases you may not need a radio for every member of staff. If you want to cater for multiple shift patterns it may be a good idea to invest in spare batteries rather than extra radios. Rapid chargers could also be considered.

4. Does durability matter? If you know that the radios you hire or buy will be exposed to hostile environments such as construction sites it may be a good idea to get a radio which is very durable and robust such as a Motorola GP340. You should be aware that dust, gas, liquid and rough handling can all damage equipment. Investing in a model which is robust enough to handle reasonable usage requirements could save you money in the long run. Wall to Wall provide clients with a ‘How to Take Care of Your Radios’ flyer in order to aid the life of your walkie talkie.

5. Which extra accessories do you need? Headsets, spare batteries, belt clips and ear pieces are often a necessity. All manufacturers produce accessories which work with their radios. However, Wall to Wall Communications are able to supply a wide variety of functional accessories that are designed to be compatible with any make or model of radio. For up to date news log onto our website, become a fan on facebook, or follow us on twitter.

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